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Glasses for Students

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Student and need glasses?

Getting them is easy with us!

Collaborating with ASEQ(Alliance Pour La Sante Étudiante Québec) we are offering affordable prices and special discounts for the students.

To help you get your prescription eyeglasses at the best price, we have developed a special package for helping you get clear vision.

Obtain insurance reimbursement for your glasses with ASEQ (Alliance Pour La Sante Étudiante Québec).

You will benefit from a lower price on eyeglasses as well as a direct insurance payment.

For this purpose, you only need to check if you are among eligible university students.

SPECIAL PRICE for EYE-EXAM starting at 60$.

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Eye exam

Get an appointment with an optometrist.

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Prescription Glasses

Get an appointment to find your perfect pair of glasses.

If you have any questions, contact us (514) 503-6317

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Vision Care

The health plan covers eye exams and glasses or contact lenses. Additionally, you can take advantage of discounts offered by members of the ASEQ Vision Network.

• Eye exam
60$ coverage for eye exams.

• Glasses and contact lenses
The price of the purchase, replacement, or repair of glasses or contact lenses is insured up to $150 per 24 months.

If you use your coverage for glasses, you will be entitled to an additional $100 per 24 months for the replacement or repair of glasses.


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